One, two, three, paint.

Found materials helped me to get over my fear of failure. Here are some paintings in acrylic. For my next trick, I’ll try and paint a real thing. Maybe. Give me time on that one.




Looking Up

JPEG_IMG_6973 It’s quiet in Upper Hamlet. We’re done with retreats for the season, and settling down for some institutionalized laziness. Here are some things I saw in the sky:

JPEG_IMG_6975JPEG_IMG_6976Does mist count as being in the sky? Just a beautiful, misty morning.

JPEG_IMG_6820Ugh. This thing. I suppose it isn’t long now until the buzz of drones becomes a daily thing. Yet I couldn’t help wanting to shoot this thing out of the sky as it hovered over our Dharma sharing group. God save me from my violent thoughts.

JPEG_IMG_6889Can you see what this is? This thing stopped me in my tracks. Pretty standard Vietnamese homemade kite setup: kite, string, plastic bottle. I guess the kite got away from someone. Luckily the bottle got stuck in the ancient pear tree in front of the monastic residence. And then they left it there. I was wandering home at 10pm or so and saw this thing dancing up in the night sky. Nothing like a kite to make you feel like a kid again.

Take care everyone.