Tortoise, not Turtle

On behalf of the entire cast and crew of the holiday blockbuster Weekend at Turtle’s, I would like to apologize to the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature for our most grievous oversight in the naming of our film. It has been now made known to us that Grumaster Turtle, played by Turtle Hopkins, is in fact a tortoise. We are very sorry for any contribution to public misinformation we may have caused.

And while I’m at it, why don’t I say what we are really up to in all these photos? They’re from a neighborhood barbecue we had in Escondido way back in 2013. I was in Deer Park for a few months to take care of visa paperwork and my parents came down to visit.

They love me so much!

They love me so much!

Thay CQ loves me so much!

Thay CQ loves me so much!

I love me so much?!?

I love me so much?!?

We had a potluck not too far from the monastery, and got to meet a lot of the neighbors. There was cotton candy, obviously, and a lot of good food.

img_9703 img_9632 img_9629 img_9633

I might also mention that it was one of the last times I got to spend with Thay Phap De, who passed away this year. He was a businessman, then a Catholic priest, and finally a Buddhist monk. Oh, and an avid rollerblader. His name means Young Brother, and he lived like one to the end. Now he’s rollerblading across the heavens somewhere. Take care bud.


And here’s a couple more for the gallery. I’m running out of archived photos, I better steal myself a camera and get back into the hard work of documenting life.

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