Your Long-Lost Friend

When your wandering eye lingers on a pair of knee-high boot socks, still in the packaging, don’t think for a second that this is just a meaningless, chance encounter. That kind of thinking is an epidemic in our society. From beginningless time, you and those boot socks have wandered through countless existences, meeting time and again in diverse forms. Now, you finally have the chance to express your love, and out of arrogance you dismiss them as just some pedestrian footwear.


I can tell you from experience that only to lay eyes on such a pair of socks can be a source of immense joy. The question is whether you know how to appreciate the bounty that is on offer from the universe.


Someone once asked me how we can change ourselves in the face of the overwhelming power of the unconscious. We are waylaid by our own hidden weaknesses and afflictions. Whatever project we undertake, we are sure to find in ourselves the greatest obstacle to our success. But all those difficulties come from the self-same primordial source, the undefinable storehouse of all potential phenomena, from which those boot socks arose. So we can hardly wish to overcome the thing that provides us with the very material of our happiness.


We want to enjoy knee-high boot socks, and we want to remove our afflictions, but how can we remove anything while leaving the source intact? And if the two come from the same source, are we also willing to let go of our boot socks in order to be free from our afflictions? This is a question that’s weighed heavily on me for the past five or six minutes, and so I pass it on to you for your consideration.


Until next time.