Uphill Both Ways

Do you think you have it hard? Well when I was a young monk, we had to get up at three o’clock in the morning for sitting meditation.  And we couldn’t just walk over to the meditation hall and find our seats like the young people do nowadays. We had to swim there. Uphill. Both ways.

Here’s some recent scribbles on paper:

3 thoughts on “Uphill Both Ways

  1. Venerable Bieu Hien from this post seems to me that your beginning hasn’t been in France,Plum Village. Has it? If not could you please,if you like, tell us something more of that period?


    • Dear Maha Bodhi,

      When I wrote this I was thinking about the changes that have happened in Plum Village Monastery over the past seven years. Sometimes I want to bring out the stories of what it was like when I first got here and tell some of the new brothers, to put things into perspective. Probably in the same way that the brothers who have been here longer than me would want to bring out their stories to put my own sufferings into perspective.

      • Venerable Bieu Hien thank you for your clarification.Gratitude. It’s useful to remaind, because What we have now it cames from the efforts of the ones who have preceded us.

        With Mettā

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