One, two, three, paint.

Found materials helped me to get over my fear of failure. Here are some paintings in acrylic. For my next trick, I’ll try and paint a real thing. Maybe. Give me time on that one.




Spring Sketches…

Having a lot of fun drawing and also doing a little bit of painting. I know, black and white isn’t very exciting. I’m working on it!big-hall-4-15-web tree-4-15-web Wisteria-4-15-web

Lucky People

A couple of sketches here from our Ireland trip. Somehow we’re being hosted in a beautiful retreat center, overlooking the sea. I’m not sure who organized it but I owe them a great big hug. We watch the sun come up in the morning, and the moon come up at night. There’s a cliff path that follows the coast between nearby villages, and we walked in the other day and played on the rocks.

photo 1photo 2